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Seed Carpets

iGrow are delighted to now stock these Simple Sowing seed carpets.

The seed carpet is 45.7cm wide by 100cm long and is used for stunning wildflower seed mixes. The carpet is made out of biodegradable paper which is designed to completely disappear within a couple of days of planting. Seeds are pre-sown into the tapes at the optimum distances to promote good germination and growing results.

Seed carpets save you time. They are much easier to use than handling and sowing small and fiddly seeds and because the seeds are pre-spaced out, you get an even distribution of wildflowers across the whole surface area of the carpet. 

Seed carpets are really easy to use all you do is place them on top of well prepared raked soil, cover with a little more compost, water well and keep moist.

  • €13.99 Annual and Perennial Mixed Wildflower - 1 Metre Seed Carpet
    A gorgeous mix of over 50 wildflower seeds (70% annual plants and 30% perennial) to give you a stunning display of beautiful wildflowers all throughout the summer. And because the seeds or pre-sown in a seed carpet, you ...
  • €13.99 Annual Mixed Wildflower 1 Metre Seed Carpet
    This 1 metre (45.7cm wide by 100cm long) seed carpet contains over 20 annual wildflower seeds giving you a phenomenal display of beautiful wildflowers all throughout the summer. The seeds are pre-sown in the carpet which...
  • €13.99 Bees Perennial Mixed Wildflower - 1 Metre Seed Carpet
    The Bees Perennial meadow mix offers a wide range of flowers from June until the end of November. Cornflowers, Sunflowers and Cosmos are prevailant in the first year. In the second year, the meadow will flower very early...
  • €13.99 Herb Seed Starter Pack
    A collection of 6 herb seed disc packs in a starter pack bundle to get you started with a wide range of delicious herbs to grow in pots on your kitchen windowsill. The pack includes the following herb seed disc packs...
  • €13.99 Wild Meadow Mixture For Wetlands - 1 Metre Seed Carpet
    The Wild Meadow Mixture is a selected wildflower and grass seed mix suitable for wetlands and seasonally wet soils. This carpet (45.7cm x 100cm) mix is based on the vegetation of traditional water meadows. If your...